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Beijing gas company specialized provide Beijing gas、Beijing gas meter shift change the gas pipe, etc,Gas company phone010-86223372To provide for you24Hours of service,...。
We in good faith first、The supremacy of credibility、The user is god's service aim,With professional technology、The high quality service by the broad masses of customer recognition and praise,Colleagues, we have rich experience in site design installation and maintenance practices,Also have good professional quality and high sense of responsibility。Based on all the time“Sincere dedication、In order to quality to the letter”The aim of the,“Forge ahead、Develops unceasingly”The spirit for the overwhelming majority of customers with gas、Tube service instead。

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Gas ya-lan li, chairman of Beijing, on behalf of the Chinese international gas as a keynote address at the meeting in Paris

The international gas first26World conference on gas6Month in Paris。Gas chairman ya-lan li in BeijingNatural gas as a major growth in emerging economiesAs the theme of the main keynote speech,Natural gas market in China has carried on the comprehensive elaboration。

Ya-lan li is put forward,At present China's economic development has entered“new norma”,Consumption growth has entered“Shift”Period,Continue to optimize the energy structure,Gradually increase the proportion of clean energy,The natural gas market will usher in more opportunities。China's natural gas market is very broad,Strong demand,To the international gas industry cooperation has brought a broader market。Based on the rapid development of China's natural gas industry and the deepening of the marketization reform of natural gas,Beijing gas group presents the fast development and has the characteristics of the whole industrial chain。

Around the world100The country's gas industry leaders and decision makers。In the four-day keynote speech,Beijing gas as the only speak on behalf of China,Fully embodies theIGUInternational organizations such as the Beijing gas as the most representative in the Chinese gas industry recognition。The meeting,The international gas industry for the development of China's gas have a more profound understanding,Also for the Chinese fuel gas enterprise more involved in international affairs will be the development of the world gas industry play a positive role。

After the meeting,Some international famous enterprises and institutions specifically talks with Beijing gas respectively,Both expressed a strong willingness,For the Beijing gas towards the international market to create a good condition。


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